Perkins, Kenneth

Kenneth Taylor Perkins {16.5.1890-7.6.1951}, amerikanischer Schriftsteller

"Kenneth Taylor Perkins (at left), half-brother to James Croswell Perkins was playwrite, screenwriter, educator and author. Kenneth Taylor Perkins was born on 16 May, 1890 in Kodaikanal, India. After his mother died and his father remarried, he was sent to San Francisco to live with his wealthy, shipping merchant grandfather. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a degree in English literature. While at UC Berkeley, Perkins became acquainted with future authors Frederick Schiller (Max Brand), Sidney Howard and Aubrey Drury. After graduation, he became an English instructor at Pomona College at Claremont, California. During the First World War, Perkins served with the US Army as a second lieutenant in the field artillery. By the mid-1920s, a number of Perkins' books and short stories were appearing in magazines or being adapted for the cinema. Two of his plays, "Creoles" (1927), "Dance with the Gods" (1934 with Lena Horne) and "Desire" (1930) were produced on Broadway. His story "Ride Him Cowboy!" was adapted for the silver screen twice; the later version starred John Wayne. Over his career, Perkins submitted scores of short stories (mostly Westerns) for publication in magazines and newspapers. Kenneth Taylor Perkins died on 7 June, 1951 after a five-month stay at Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. He was survived by his wife Grace and a daughter." (source:

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