Germano, Peter B.

Peter B. Germano (New Bedford, Massachusetts, May 17, 1913 - Wildwood, California, September 20, 1983) was an American author of short stories, novels, and television scripts. He began his career with short stories. He wrote articles documenting the Marines in World War II as a combat correspondent. He wrote novels, most of which were westerns, but also wrote science fiction. And, as television became ever-present in American culture, Peter wrote numerous television scripts for western, science-fiction, drama, and cartoon series. (wikipedia)


  • Jack Bertin
  • Jackson Cole [VP]
  • Barry Cord
  • Peter Germane
  • Peter Germano
  • Les Hondo [VP {Deutschland}]
  • James Kane
  • Jim Kane
  • Jack Slade [VP]
  • Ben Tucker [VP {Deutschland}]
  • Clay Turner

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